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Still need more information about this unsolved crime? We’ve assembled the best content related to the mystery surrounding Sister Cathy’s murder in 1969 below. We’ll update the list with the most relevant links as new information emerges. If you know of an article or other Sister Cathy Resources we’ve missed, please add it to the comments section below and we’ll include it in our list.

SISTER CATHY RESOURCES - City Police Search for Missing Nun, 26
City Police Search for Missing Nun, 26


Most Relevant Pages

  • The Wikipedia Page for “Murder of Catherine Cesnik” is a great resource for additional details on the unsolved murder from 1969.
  • This Huffington Post article from 2015 is very thorough and includes in depth analysis of the crime. Furthermore, it also includes recent updates on the individuals involved.
  • The Wikipedia Page for the new Netflix Docu-series The Keepers.
  • The Netflix Docu-series The Keepers Page. Watch the full series and click on our Episode Recap to learn more. Also, discuss your thoughts about each episode in the comments section.
  • Inside Baltimore – a blog of assorted articles related to the decades old mystery.
  • Another great article by Rebecca Hawkes of the The Telegraph gives a chronological account of the decades old murder mystery and the launch of The Keepers docu-series.


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  1. Who ever killed Cathy lived near to her. They dropped car near her home, only because it was within walking distance to were the killer lived. Check neighbors and Priest. There may have been two people involved ?

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