Episode 6

Episode 6 Recap

In this post, we discuss The Keepers Episode 6 Recap. Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t watched this episode, don’t read any further. Also, after you read the post, share your thoughts and theories in the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you!

The Keepers Episode 6 Recap

The Keepers Episode 6: The Web Recap

As the second to last installment The Keepers begins, Abbie Schaub, former student of the slain Sister Cathy Cesnik is reviewing TV news clips from the 90s. In the clip, she describes an anonymous caller to the show who claimed to know a man who had Sister Cathy’s rosary. “Margaret” from the previous episode identifies the voice of the caller as her ex-husband – Edgar Davidson.


When we return from the credits, we see the cluttered apartment of a white haired man. Edgar Davidson who has been suspected of involvement in the murder of the nun is being interviewed. He is shown photos of Father Maskell and Sister Cathy and identifies both. When asked directly about his involvement in the case, he denies any. He is asked about calling the TV new program but say he made it up. The section ends there with little resolution.


In the next scene, Gemma Hoskins, also former student at Keough High School, is driving to meet Marilyn Cesnik Radakovik, Sister Cathy’s sister. Marilyn recalls memories of growing up with her older sister and the love and compassion of the nun. For years, she thought the murder was a simple crime of opportunity and says she only heard of the darker aspects of the crime in the 90s when the case was reopened and gained more media attention.


Officer Childs, recently assigned to the case, is sitting in a meeting room. He discusses the circumstances of the case reopening and that the list of suspects has yet to be cleared. He returns throughout the episode to discuss the ongoing police investigation.


Marilyn Radakovik returns to discuss Gerry Koob – she acknowledges the close relationship between Koob and her sister and references that he was a suspect. Gerry Koob recalls had Cathy’s death impacted him and that it took several years for him to recover. However, Tom Nugent, investigative journalist familiar with the details of the murder casts doubt as to Koob’s innocence. The next portion of the episode, with the help of Tom Nugent’s recorded interviews with Officer Bud Roemer who was on the case in the 70s, detail the many inconsistencies in Koob’s account of the night Cathy disappeared. While Koob and his friend and alibi, Father Pete Mckeon both passed a polygraph, further intrigue is added by the revelation that Koob and Cesnik had been romantically involved. A fact concealed by Koob. Gerry Koob then recalls an interrogation he had been in when a police officer handed him Cathy’s vagina, wrapped in new paper. As shocking as this sounds, no further attention is given to this tale other than skepticism from various police officers.


Next, The Keepers moves on to Sister Cathy’s then roommate, Sister Helen Russell Phillips. Many former students and Cathy’s sister discuss the impact Cathy’s death had on Phillips. Many suggest that she may have additional information about the disappearance and murder but she passed away from cancer. Who was the anonymous student in Cathy’s apartment the night before the disappearance? Did Maskell and Magnus really barge in? Sister Russell Phillips may be the only one who knows.


Towards the end of the episode, Dr Spitz is introduced. He was coroner in Baltimore at the time of the murder and performed Sister Cathy’s autopsy. He discusses much of the forensics surrounding the case and describes Sister Cathy’s last gruesome moments.


We also witness the first meeting of Jane Doe and Jane Roe – Jean Wehner and Theresa Lancaster – as they meet for the first time. They discuss the case from the 90s, there time at Keough and lives since High School.


Next, a former police officer recounts seeing Father Maskell arrested in the 90s and says there should be documents to verify. Abbie Schaub is shown trying to request public records. She goes on to state that many of the records that should exist have been said to not exist. This lack of information is suggested to help reinforce the cover-up accusations against the city of Baltimore. Sharon May, District Attorney is again questioned. She says that all the documents recovered from the Holy Cross Cemetery were destroyed in a flood. This section ends implying that there are no records at all for the case that have been made public. There is also the matter of the letter that Marilyn received from Cathy, days after her disappearance. The Post date indicated the letter was sent after Cathy was missing. Marilyn turned the letter over to the police as evidence. When Marilyn requested to read the letter, a few days later, she was told she could not. To this day, no one involved in the investigation knows the location of the letter.


Finally, Gemma Hoskins discusses the differing accounts given by Jean Wehner and Officer James Scannell about the level of decomposition of Sister Cathy’s body. Wehner claims there were maggots on the slain nun’s face, however Scannell claims there were none 2 months later when he found the body. According to weather records, there was a warm snap around the time Cathy was murdered, seemingly corroborating Wehner’s account.


As we reach the final chapter of The Keepers, we seem to have many loose ends to tie up. As always, each answered question seems to bring a few additional questions. What was in Marilyn’s letter? Will it be found? Was Koob involved? Will Edgar Davidson be questioned again? Only one more episode and still so much to find out!


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  1. I wonder who, besides me, feels Gerry Koob is innocent, but would like to understand better why his story and Pete McKeons story of leaving two different cities and driving to Boston don’t jive?

    Rev Koob says they both attended a movie and had dinner before going to Boston.

    I don’t see how Rev Koob would not have a clear memory of exactly where he was the night Cathy was murdered. Did he confuse reality with truth about the police handing him Cathy’s flesh wrapped in tissue? That seems hard to believe.

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