Episode 4

Episode 4 Recap

In this post, we discuss The Keepers Episode 4 Recap. Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t watched this episode, don’t read any further. Also, after you read the post, share your thoughts and theories in the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you!

The Keepers Episode 4 Recap

The Keepers Episode 4: The Burial

Episode 4 begins with journalist Bob Erlandson discussing that this case was a “puzzle”. He likens it to a he said, she said case, but adds that in this instance it was a “He said, she said, she said, she said…case”.

Next we meet Sharon May, who was the prosecutor for the state. They move forward with a civil suit against Father Maskell. The two defendants, Jean Wehner and Theresa Lancaster, choose to remain anonymous, known only as Jane Doe and Jane Roe.

We then get to “sit in” on a meeting that Tom Nugent has organized with “Deep Throat”. Abbie, Gemma and several others are present and taking notes. Deep Throat calls this case a “Red Ball” meaning it was bound to garner media attention. He remembers over 100 women coming forward with abuse claims against Maskell. He tells the story of Storey, the groundskeeper at the cemetery, who called and told Deep Throat that he knew where Maskell buried the papers and that it would blow the case wide open. Storey takes Deep Throat to the buried documents. He recalls photographs of girls with their shirts open. He said is was enough to arrest Maskell right away. But he insists that didn’t happen, because Sharon May was running defense for the Catholic Church.

We are also introduced to Lee Richmond, who was in charge of the psychology department where Maskell was a student. She considered him a contemporary and friend. She noted his affinity for guns, but just figured it was a hobby. Also, she recalls a time when she called him and he told her that he had to bury some psychology papers. Thinking this was strange, she dismissed it and continued her friendship with Maskell.

Sharon May was the chief of the sex offense department. In her interview, she says that she doesn’t remember  finding anything in the files suggesting that Maskell abused children. She didn’t have enough to move forward and charge him, siting that a statement from victims isn’t enough. The interviewer tells her what Deep Throat said he saw in the files and she denies seeing any photographs. When asked about “running defense” for the church, May reiterates that she had no ties to the church and was never pressured by them. Without a sufficient case and willing prosecution, the criminal case was suspended.

We are then taken through the civil lawsuit. As it became more public, people began to doubt the legitimacy of the claims of “Roe and Doe”. The church had moved Maskell and he was no where to be found. Other victims of Maskell were watching this unfold and were scared to speak up about their own abuse. Wehner and Lancaster recount their struggles in the depositions and having to testify about their traumas.

Later, Lee Richmond recalls the time that she met Maskell after hearing he wasn’t doing well when the scandal became public. She asked him “how could you do this, Joe?” He didn’t  say anything. She asked then why he had stayed quiet. He said he was morally protecting the church.

Towards the climax of the episode, we hear the details of the testimonies given by Wehner and Lancaster. The catholic church had brought in several lawyers and other experts; Particularly damaging was Paul McHugh, a respected psychologist at John Hopkins. He completely dismissed “repressed memories” as falsehoods. In the end, the judge denies the request for the civil suit on the basis that it exceeded the statute of limitations. Basically, the ladies were too late.

True to form, we are left with a cliff hanger towards the end of the episode. Jean recalls one of her most painful memories where Maskell left her alone with “Brother Bob”. He told her he killed Sister Cathy  and that it was Wehner’s fault. She cannot remember his face or anything about him. Others ponder his identity and believe he may hold the key to the unsolved murder and abuse.

Who was Brother Bob? Will Jean be able to remember his face or other important details? Is he still alive today? Does he hold the key to Sister Cathy’s murder?

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