Episode 3

Episode 3 Recap

In this post, we discuss The Keepers Episode 3 Recap. Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t watched this episode, don’t read any further. Also, after you read the post, share your thoughts and theories in the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you!

The Keepers Episode 3 Recap

The Keepers Episode 3: The Revelation Recap

This episode begins with Jean Wehner, or “Jane Doe,” recounting when Father Joseph Maskell took her to see the slain Sister Cathy Cesnik. She describes how the intimidating trauma of that event resulted in her dissociation and blocks in her memory of her abuse suffered at the hands of Maskell. She also says this fear is why she remained anonymous even after coming out about the events of her high school years.

After the credits, we find Abbie Schaub and Gemma Hoskins doing research. They describe how they had no knowledge of the abuse at the school, as neither were victims of abuse. They did not learn about it until “Jane Doe” came forward in 1994.

The net portion of the episode describes Jean Wehner’s family life. Her son and daughter describe their childhood with Jean and their father, Mike. While old family videos are shown, Wehner’s work with the Catholic church is discussed and the Wehner family’s faith. This is prior to 1992 when Jean Wehner first began to recall memories of her time at Keough High School.

A former classmate had brought up the Keough reunion and urged Wehner to attend but Wehner began to feel uneasy. As she considered her immediate reaction, she realized she needed to introspect on her reaction to the school. Over the next several months, she recalled several memories of Maskell and the abuse. With these new memories, she contacted officials with the Catholic church and began discussing a formal complaint against Maskell.

At this time she was informed that Father Magnus, who also assaulted the teen aged Wehner, had died in 1988 however, Father Maskell was a priest in Baltimore. At this point, Wehner met Rick Woy, who worked for the church investigating complaints. Along with 2 lawyers, Wehner finally made a formal statement. She describes her fear of seeing Maskell, and keeping the investigation up to this point secret, even from her family. She reads a graphic portion of her statement detailing an assault by Maskell and breaks down into tears.

After her statement to the lawyers and Woy, they tell her the church cannot take action until Wehner can bring forward other victims to corroborate her accounts. Wehner was reluctant to do so. Without corroboration, the investigation stagnates. We learn here that Maskell was sent to a hospital for psychological counseling after the allegation however, after 6 months he returned to Baltimore and returned to work with the Catholic church.

Wehner’s family, up to this point in 1992, didn’t know about any of the abuse. At a family meeting, Wehner finally reveals what happened to her and begins to remember the significance Sister Cathy’s murder. Her family joins her effort to expose these crimes. Wehner files a report with the police and the case is reopened. With the police involved, newspaper articles began to be published, drawing further attention. However, due to the age of the case, little progress is made. Maskell is interviewed and rejects the claims. With little evidence to support Wehner’s claim, it seems to be an instance of he said, she said.


With the help of her family, Wehner gains a list of alumni from Keough and drafts hundreds of letters. The letters ask for any student with knowledge of abuse at the school to contact Wehner’s lawyer. One of these letters was received by Theresa Lancaster, a former student at Keough. She contacts the lawyer and recounts her interactions with Maskell and sexual abuse by the priest. Along with Lancaster, 40-50 other former students respond to the letter and corroborate Wehner’s claims. All the accounts were consistent; Father Maskell had abused them.

In the final portion of the episode, we see Gemma Hoskins driving to Holy Cross Cemetery. Maskell had been assigned to Holy Cross in the 90s when Wehner had come forward. We learn of an anonymous source, referred to as “Deep Throat.” He contacted the police after the news of Maskell had become public and told them that Maskell had asked the caretaker of the Holy Cross Cemetery to dig a hole. Maskell then buried several boxes. Tom Nugent is brought back to hint at the content of those boxes and the motives of ”Deep Throat.” Here is where the 3rd chapter ends.

Stick true to form, The Keepers only answers questions to have many more come up. Who is “Deep Throat?” What was Father Maskell trying to hide in those buried boxes? Will Maskell be held accountable for his crimes? These are just a few of the questions that have us scratching our heads as we head into Episode 4.


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