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Episode 2 Recap

In this post, we discuss The Keepers Episode 2 Recap. Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t watched this episode, don’t read any further. Also, after you read the post, share your thoughts and theories in the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you!

The Keepers Episode 2 Recap

The Keepers Episode 2: The School Recap

The second installment of The Keepers opens with a woman making tea, her face hidden. She is soon revealed to be “Jane Doe” from the previous episode, Jean H Wehner. In an interview with Tom Nugent she says that she remained anonymous for so many years to keep herself and family safe. Later in the episode we learn why. Furthermore, she suggests that Sister Cathy Cesnik, who’s murder in 1969 remains a mystery, was killed by someone she knew to keep her from going public about things taking place at the school.

Credits roll. When the show returns, it chronicles the deep history of the city of Baltimore and the Catholic Church. It describes the lives and religious devotion of many of the Catholic residents in the city. In this portion, Jean Wehner discusses her early life in Baltimore, her large family and growing up in the church and Catholic school. She’s joined by some of her many siblings who discuss their relationship with the church. Wehner mentions her “dark times” at the all-girl catholic school, Keough High School, where she met Sister Cathy Cesnik.

Here we are introduced to Father Joseph Maskell – Chaplain at the school. We also learn of Father Neil Magnus, a teacher there. At this point, the story takes a dark turn. In the next few moments we learn the graphic details of the sexual abuse suffered by Wehner at the hands of Magnus and later, Maskell. While in confession, Wehner told Magnus about the sexual abuse of her uncle as a young girl. Later, Magnus uses this knowledge and his place of authority to manipulate Wehner into submitting to his perverse abuse. Other students are presented throughout the episode to recount their time at the Keough and their encounters with Magnus and Maskell. The details of these encounters are graphic and disturbing.

Brian Schwabb, former police officer describes a meeting with Maskell as a child. It involved a hand gun and a disturbing look Maskell gave the youth he later likened would see on the faces of violent criminals. Lillian Knipp, also former student at Keough, describes her accounts of Maskell drugging her Coca-Cola when she would work in his office. She also tells of Maskell using hypnosis on her and that she cannot remember much of the time she spent with the Chaplain. Other students describe many of Joseph Maskell and the intimidation and fear he would use to manipulate them.

Maskell’s manipulation of students is likely a result of his education and focus on Psychology. Much of the episode discusses Maskell’s biography: his Catholic upbringing, his ordination and former assignments prior to being assigned to Keough, his education and his connections to the police. He was Chaplain of Baltimore Police and his brother, Tommy, was an officer with the force.

Towards the end of the episode, Jean Wehner returns to describe her last conversation with Sister Cathy. Other students throughout the episode mention that Cesnik was their “favorite teacher.” They discuss her compassion and loving nature and suggest that she was very concerned about the student at the school and their relationships with Father Maskell. In Wehner’s story she recounts that Sister Cathy held her back in class and began to question her about her evident distress at the school. Wehner says she confided in Cesnik and that the nun said she was going to “take care of it.”

Here, Gerry Koob comes back. In his portion, he details his time with Sister Cathy and how the two fell in love. He discusses their relationship and that eventually lead him to propose to the nun. She declined, stating that she was going to stay a nun. In this clip, he plays a haunting recording of Sister Cathy’s voice – a recording of a poem she reads, dedicated to Koob. He then says that Cathy had planned to meet with him the day after she would eventually disappear, to tell him something of importance. At the time, he thought it was to discuss the marriage proposal but now believes she was going to discuss abuse at Keough. The final minutes of the episode seem to support this.

Jean Wehner returns to discuss her return to Keough High School in the Fall of 1969. Cathy Cesnik had not returned to school at the beginning of term, having a arranged a stent as a public school teacher in Baltimore that year. Wehner recalls that Maskell confronted her and questioned her about whether she had told anyone about the abuse. She says that he intimidated her into silence.

Gemma Hoskins and Abbie Schaub return to tell pieced together account of Sister Cathy’s final days. With the addition of Jean Wehner and Kathleen Hobeck, a third student had come to Sister Cathy for help. This third girl remains anonymous however, the story is that she visited Sister Cathy the day before she disappeared. During the visit, Maskell and Magnus burst in the room and threatened young women. The third girl went home after the men had left the apartment.

Jean Wehner then returns with perhaps the most disturbing tale of the episode. According to her, after Sister Cathy’s disappearance, Wehner had been inquiring at the school about her. Maskell approached the student and asked if she’d like to see the nun. She said yes. They drove to a secluded, wooded spot and walked to where Sister Cathy was laying, covered in debris and maggots. The teenager naturally panicked and tried to help the unresponsive nun. While she tried to clean the woman’s face, Maskell bent over and said in ear “ You see what happens when you say bad things about people.”

The Episode ends on this disturbing note. With these disturbing revelations, it seems we’ve gotten closer to knowing what happened to Sister Cathy back in 1969. It also seems that the closer we get, the more questions emerge. What happened to Maskell and Magnus? If they were implicated in the crime, surely the investigation would have resulted in their arrests. Where does Joyce Malecki fit into all this? Hopefully, the next episodes will answer some of these questions.

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