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The Keepers Recap by a Fan of the Show

By Su Luffman

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I’ve seen The Keepers – twice actually. The first time I watched it, I was looking for something to stretch my mind, Netflix documentaries have a habit of doing that. The second time I watched it – I took notes.

I cannot believe the level of corruption in Baltimore City in 1969. I cannot believe the glaring obvious f*** ups of the Police and the Officers investigating the murder of Cathy, and I cannot believe that even today, 40-something years later, there is STILL a massive cover up going on!

Gemma and Abbie have spent years gathering information painstakingly reading and rereading files and stories, but they are most definitely in a catch-22 situation. The Police Department and  FBI say that it’s an ongoing investigation, yet have done nothing, technically then, they are not investigating, so how can they say its ongoing and withhold information on that basis?!

I think the documentary has shown how terribly powerful and corrupt the Catholic Church is. Not just in Baltimore, but all over the world. There have been many cases brought to light over here in the UK, of Catholic Priests abusing Altar Boys, kids in foster homes and who knows who else. The Catholic Church  knows that a large majority of their priests are abusing kids in their schools and churches, at choir practices and at confirmation classes. Are all the young men who enter Seminars mentally ill and sexually suppressed or just pedophiles in the making (with the seminaries adding the final touch?) Excuse the pun.

The Keepers. Poor Cathy. What a lovely girl she seemed. I can well believe the fuss she caused when deciding in the first term to read The Scarlett Letter. If you’ve read the book you’ll understand. If not, it goes like this: Boy meets married girl, terrible problems, priest of village brands the letter A on her beautiful face to mark her out as adulteress. Boy still loves girl and they leave village, basically excommunicated to hell.

Now, that in itself shows me how strong Cathy was as a person. She felt her students had a right to know that there was another way. That just because your heart overrides  your head sometimes, God (whatever you expect him or her to be) does not strike you down for being in love. However, Cathy was also very smart. She did not need to be told directly that there was some really awful stuff going on at her school. She had observed the students behaviors and fears.  But, being sensible, she watched, waited, and then subtly and gently got the final signals she needed to confirm her worst suspicions. But who could she report this awful situation to? Remember, she was fresh out of the Convent and would in no way suspect the whole community and law enforcement officers (at the very top) were in pay or scared of The Catholic Church.

My theory is this:
A witness  saw Sister Cathy at Edmonson Mall, sitting in her car. Someone, under the direction of Maskall, probably Edgar Davidson, snuck into the back of her car ( it was a safe time remember, no one locked doors or cars then) and held her at knife point or gun point right there and then. I believe she was abducted and taken to someone’s house (Brother Bob?) or business premises, where the intention was to scare her. But it didn’t turn out that way. Clearly they humiliated her first, enacting the aggressive de-robing of Marnies’ clothes to the waist as in the film, that Maskall was obsessed with. Then I think it’s possible there was an attempt of rape by 1 or more men present. Cathy fought back, got a crack on the head and strangulation just to be certain sure she wasn’t alive.

Have you noticed that strangulation was the primary action of killing her? And the blow to the side of her head, as I understand it, was the injury that killed her. Well, pressure of any kind on the trachea would be enough to injure the vocal chords so badly I doubt you could ever speak again. Sending a clear message to all, SHUT UP. Also the car parked where it was, is the same message – but only more chillingly delivered. You could go out one night and someone may find your car parked like Sister Cathy’s.

I think The Keepers is a brilliantly put together documentary. The level of cruelty, depravity, and viciousness was factually highlighted and could move one to tears. This mental sickness of the Archdiocese was a cancer in the community, compounded by  people like Magnuss and Maskell. Many were afraid and still are, and this was also highlighted by the documentary. The survivors like Jane Doe and Jane Roe, were made to relive their horrific experiences again and again, by those who should have been unbiased and interested only in serving justice, but lived only to line their own pockets.
This is a story of how a pedophile ring is founded and increased, sucking innocent young people to its twisted web. How an innocent woman doing what any morally aware adult would do, paid the ultimate price. Another young woman was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Countless others are still living with the consequences of the cover up in Baltimore.

Until those entering the vocational call of priesthood , especially within the Catholic Church, are vetted  more transparently and independently and investigated with a fine tooth comb, regarding sexual preferences, this will sadly continue.

We will never know the real truth behind Sister Cathys’ Murder, but The Keepers told the terrible story, the crime now may never be solved, but Maskell, Magnuss, Davidson, Brother Bob (who I think is Keeler) are most certainly guilty.  The Keepers further raised awareness about this despicable and most vilest of crimes. It is my hope that groups all over the world will add their help and their blogs, so that at least any surviving suspects, however old or infirm they may be  can be recognised, and dealt with accordingly and with justice.

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