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The Keepers Dead Ends?

The Keepers Dead Ends?

If you’re finished with the new Netflix docu-series The Keepers, like most people, you still have plenty of questions. The series ended with many leads and investigations left unresolved. While our synopsis has yet to be posted, other watchers are putting their questions out there. One such watcher is Sarah D. Bunting from
In her piece “Does The Keepers Need To Drive Down Every Dead End?” she covers many of the unanswered questions asking: “When is it chasing a lead, and when is it chasing their tails?” We’ve posted a couple of the significant ones below.

From the article:

“Why haven’t police talked to Gemma and Abbie?

I have a feeling they will now, as it’s an open case, and the optics of not collaborating with people who have collected this much information — especially in case with alleged police involvement and destruction of evidence at its center — aren’t great. I can see where the detectives assigned to it might take an unofficial “we’re pretty sure we know who did it, but it’s too hard to prove so many years later” posture; officially, they should probably consider debriefing these two if only to look like they want it solved.”

Agreed, a cold case – with so many years since the events and little evidence still left – can be a daunting task. Much of the story presented by Gemma Hoskins and Abbie Schaub is recounts from other people, pieced together decades after the fact. Their evidence might not stand the burden of proof necessary in a criminal case. But it’s possible that chasing down all the accounts may lead to some concrete evidence, helping to form a criminal case against the suspects. We’ll keep you posted on any further developments as far as the police investigation.


“What even with that vagina story?

I…what? If they really were trying to break him, I could see the cops using ugly crime-scene or autopsy photos. Certainly it’s SOP in scripted crime shows. I can even see the cops wrapping something they saidwas her vagina in newspaper, to rattle him. But her actual vagina? They’re just going to ask to ME to remove her labia and borrow them for a sec? That’s insane, and the police asked about it here are gentler than you’d expect in their “…WTF? Yeah, no” responses, but what strikes me is that Koob bothers to mention it when he must know it makes him sound insane. This isn’t a stupid person; he must see that it sounds bazoo and that certainly nobody’s going to confirm that it happened even if some variation on it occurred.”

That was definitely a “WTF?!?!” moment for us when we were watching Episode 6. The claim was never addressed fully after the brief story from Gerry Koob, former friend and lover of the slain nun. We were sure this crazy story would be explained. But while questioned in some of the police interviews, it was never given the attention we think it deserved. We’re still scratching our heads even after the 2nd time through the series.

These are just a couple of the questions that are still haunting us after The Keepers. There are many more! Hopefully as new information comes out, with the new attention the case is garnering after the series, we’ll start to get some answers. We’ll keep posting as long as there are answers to be found.

To read the entire article by Sarah Bunting at, click here.

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6 thoughts on “The Keepers Dead Ends?

  1. This might sound stupid and probably already investigated.. but has anyone compared birth records from 1967-1975 to the girls who went to Keo.. or girls who had to leave school due to unknown reasons- aka pregnancy..
    you can investigate and look into any cover up by the Archdiocese..

    Also have you possibly been able to track down Smith’s or Edgar’s car from that time period .. it is a long shot but … it could have been sold over the years and be sitting in a lot for parts for restoration parts.. or be owe by someone who restored it … also what about going back to the former homes of the suspects and seeing if they hide information within the home … or the priest ministries and see if they left tokens or evidence hidden and has yet to be found…
    leave no stone unturned

  2. After watching the show, my question at this point would be if the investigators plan to exhume the bodies of Edgar, Billy, and Maskell and see if their dna matches to the cigarette butt that the county investigator eludes to on the series. Looks like if it is still possible to pull dna from their bodies that this would be a starting point. Also, if bishop Mallooley is still employed in Delaware it looks like the investigators should be interviewing him and charging him for fraud, hiding evidence, and not reporting sex crimes to the authorities for what happened to the dentist and for continuing to perpetuate the covering up of what happened to all the people at the Keough high school. thank you.

  3. My God. Just got done watching the series. I lived in Baltimore for 7 years and I am not at all surprised that this is happening there. I say is happening because it is still happening. The cover-up appears to be ongoing. What a repressed place. I hope that something happens to change this. The Keepers did an excellent job of shining a light on this horrible mess. Those victims of abuse deserve so much more than what they have gotten from the Catholic Church and the Police. The murder victims deserve so much more than what they have gotten from the Police and the FBI. The Authorities have shown themselves to be corrupt and incompetent cowards. Shame on them! May the light shine brightly on the dark places! Start with the DNA evidence!

  4. I had watched this heartbreaking story and I want to ask one question…The story about the Nephew, and son of the two who had taken a body out to get rid of it…the guy who died said he had been taken out shooting with I think another guy while the dropping off of the body was being taken place.  I am wondering if he(The guy who took him shooting) was this Brother Bob that this woman said was in the priests room and was left alone with being raped. 

  5. Records not available, my foot! After I finished watching the final episode last evening and saw that the bishop who was the last one of the hierarchy to stonewall has been moved to Delaware (they move ’em around to “spread the wealth” (don’t leave the dirt in one place once discovered, spread it around and share!) something occurred to me. Maybe I’m not the first to make the connection but our good man of the century, former V.P. Joe Biden, lives in DE, is Catholic, is affable, knows everyone and carries a “big stick.” Has anyone thought to ask him about giving some weight to the anti-stone wall problem? Might be one place to start.

  6. While i don’t believe Billy Schmidt had a hand in the actual murder, I am curious as to how he acquired the nun’s habit to put on the mannnequin in the attic. Didnt anyone question that? This is particularly curious since the “habit” depicted in that eposode, had long since been abandoned by Sr. Cathy’s order, in favor of a more modern religious habit. It only stands to reason that Sr. Cathy and her roommate, Russell Philips would, in all likelihood, no longer have the former attire in there possesion as certainly they would have been required to surrender those for the new outfits. So how and where could he have possibly acquired that one?

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