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The Keepers is Coming

The Keepers Launches This Friday!

In recent weeks, the mystery surrounding decades old murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik has gained much new attention. This is the result of the announcement that Netflix‘s new docu-series, The Keepers is Coming!! Now, the first reviews are coming in from the advance screenings in the media. And the reviews are very good!

A new review on is the latest to give accolades to the new series. Steve Greene says of The Keepers: “This chilling seven-part investigation into an environment of abuse and neglect is painstaking in its detail and expansive in its scope.”  Furthermore, he describes the techniques used by Director Ryan White to chronicle the events surrounding the murder, possible motives and cover-up.


It’s an effective stylistic opening for a series that constantly eludes an easy characterization. Save for the aerial drone footage over this Baltimore neighborhood and the wooded areas that hold their share of secrets, this is a show that is guiding its audience to reexamine everything (and everyone) involved with each unfolding detail. By the time “The Keepers” zeroes in on the enduring legacy of this chapter of life at Archbishop Keough High School in the late 1960s, it arrives at a conclusion that encompasses far more than a single cold case.

Presumably, the article is referencing the many allegations of sexual abuse at the school that have come to light since the 60s. Consequently, many have suggested that it was Sister Cathy’s knowledge of this abuse that lead to her murder. Two investigators, Gemma Hoskins and Abbie Schaub cover much of this with their evidence that spans decades.

The Keepers is coming
Screenshot from The Keepers – Abbie Schaub and Gemma Hoskins

The article continues:

At times, White captures moments of vulnerability so raw and unfettered that they seem almost too personal to be given over to the public to dissect. But those brutal retellings of buried traumas are balanced with the lives that these women have led in the wake of tragedy. That these women have endured to nurture families of their own and now have the growing support of a network of independent researchers pursuing their justice is a valuable part of an evolving cultural conversation around how sexual violence perpetuates.

The article goes on to detail other points of the show. Ultimately, Greene gives The Keepers a grade of B. We’re looking forward to giving it our own grade once the show airs May 19th.

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