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Sister Cathy’s close friend believes Maskell hired a hitman

“Maskell Hired a Hitman”

If you’ve done any preliminary Googling before the The Keepers airs, you’ll undoubtedly find that Father Joseph A. Maskell is one of the prime suspects. Now In Touch Weekly has an exclusive interview with one of Sister Cathy’s good friends, Pastor Gerard Koob. He tells In Touch that he believes that Maskell hired a hitman to kill her.

“Sister Cathy’s close friend, Pastor Gerard Koob, exclusively tells In Touch that he believes Maskell hired a hitman — and that man is still alive today.

“I still think Maskell is the key person responsible for her death, but [he] arranged for her to be assassinated,” Pastor Koob tells In Touch exclusively. “She was killed because she knew too much.”

According to former students, he would “prey” on the young women who were in vulnerable situations by calling them into his office. Many of those students would confide in Sister Cathy, a 26-year-old teacher who was beloved by the students.”

Maskell hired a hitman
Father Joseph A. Maskell

Others Believe Maskell to be at Fault

A former detective with Baltimore Police Department’s Homicide Unit, had similar sentiments.

He tells In Touch, “I’m convinced the church was protecting him,” Nick Giangrasso — a former detective with the Baltimore Police Department’s Homicide Unit — tells In Touch. “Maskell was the No. 1 guy we wanted to talk to, but he was always busy and never available.”

The interest that has been generated by the buzz of the Netflix series, has Sister Cathy’s former students hoping that justice will be served for their beloved teacher.

“She was truly amazing, and she could have done so much more with her life, but it was cut short,” Gemma Hoskins, one of her former students, tells In Touch, adding that one day, things will be made right not only for Sister Cathy but also all of the victims. “These women do not deserve what happened to them.”

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2 thoughts on “Sister Cathy’s close friend believes Maskell hired a hitman

  1. When crimes involve suspects that travel across state lines to commit similar crimes and elude police and suspicion, the FBI gets involved. While in this instance, it does not appear crimes happened by the same person in multiple states, obviously Cesnick involved multiple local jurisdictions, so my conclusion is the MD State Police should have the lead role to investigate and solve the Cesnick case, and related unsolved cases. This is especially true because the primary suspect had a Chaplain relationship with Baltimore County which was therefore not independent and objective as required to have an investigation free of corruption. Likely similar bias exists with Baltimore City police because of the economic influence the Catholic church has there. I propose legislation be submitted in Annapolis to require MD State Police to take over this type of crime. It should be called “Cesnick’s Law”. Sincerely, Rusty.

  2. I’m watching the last episode of “The Keepers”. The episode includes a reading of a letter allegedly written by Sister Cathy to (then) Father Koob. The letter shown in the episode is typewritten although I don’t know if this is the actual letter or facsimile of the actual letter allegedly found in her apartment. Was it a normal occurrence for Sr. Cathy to type her personal letters? This seems unusual for both the time (I’m about the same age as Sr. Cathy’s students) and for her personality. I question this because it is far easier to fake a signature than it is to forge an entire letter. I think this is important because the letter implies that Sr. Cathy was a bit worried about being “late”. It seems to me that Maskell, of all the suspects discussed. would have by far the greatest motive to silence her and the finding of the letter certainly is fortuitous for anyone who would want suspicion shifted away from him.

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