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Who was Sister Cathy?

Who was Sister Cathy?

Who was Sister Cathy? On November 7, 1969, Nun and Teacher Catherine “Cathy” Cesnik disappeared. Nearly 3 months later her body was discovered near a garbage dump in Landsdowe, MD. She was found a few miles from the Archbishop Keough High School in Baltimore where Sister Cathy taught English and Drama. Autopsy results indicate that she was murdered by choking and blunt force trauma to the back of her head. Despite the gruesome murder of the beloved teacher, the police investigations yielded no arrests or convictions.

who was sister cathy?

Who Killed Sister Cathy?

To this day, decades later, the murder remains a mystery. However, the case has drawn new attention in recent years. The students of Sister Cathy and others who knew the nun are coming forward with details of the sinister circumstances surrounding the murder. Much of the new speculation suggests Sister Cathy was going to expose rampant sexual abuse. Many former students at the all-girls high school are saying that they were abuse victims of the priests who taught there. While corroborated by many ex-students, no new investigations have been opened into the decades old crime.

Was Sister Cathy murder by Father A. Joseph Maskell, Chaplan to The Baltimore County Police and faculty at the school, to cover up his sexual relations with students? Were other priests involved in the abuse scandal, murder and cover-up? Was Sister Cathy killed by Ex-lover, and Jesuit Priest, Gerard Koob? Were the Batlimore City Police complicit in the cover-up in a conspiracy to protect the Catholic Church?

These and many more questions still remain after all these years. They are also the focus of the new Netflix Docu-series The Keepers, set to be released in May 2017. Here at, we keep you up to date on any new revelations, information and resources about murdered nun and teacher. Will there finally be justice for Sister Cathy Cesnik? Follow us here to find out.

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  1. I can’t wait for this show to air. Netflix always nails it with these crime documentaries. This blog is great and a wealth of information to tide meover before the show airs!

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